Please Keep off the Grass
Please Keep off the Grass

One of the wonderful things about Cambridge are the really old buildings in the centre of Cambridge. When I first arrived everyone could visit the University of Cambridge except during exams so the locals would take short cuts via the college. There is a lot of green space, immaculate grass very few are allowed to walk on and some magnificent gardens where teams of gardeners dressed in green would tend every leaf and blade of grass.

Nowadays there are so many visitors the colleges are only open at certain times and visitors have to pay. But the gates of Trinity College from the Backs are open most of the time allowing people to wander on the paths between the grass. There are signs there saying 'Please Keep off the Grass'.

So my imagination wonders what it could be like if those gardeners let the grass grow a little longer. So here if the very large area of grass near the Backs with the view of St John's that always reminds me a bit of a wedding cake. Think of all those wild flowers attracting bees and insects.

I paint detailed, dream-like images in oils, or more recently acrylics, on canvas which incorporate rich night skies and a shining moon. Stories inspired by the detail and pattern of medieval art, tapestries and my imagination. My work is very influenced by the wonderful city of Cambridge where I live.

Photographs can never do justice to my paintings as they change when the light catches the silver or copper leaf. If you would like to view my actual paintings please contact me to arrange a visit to my studio. My work can also be seen at exhibitions: look out for the Christmas Cracker exhibition from 14 November to 24 December.

I shall be inviting people to my studio in November and December. If you would like an invitation please contact me.

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